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FrontPoint Security Pricing

Our experts love and recommend FrontPoint Security! They’re leading the home security system industry and every homeowner should take a look at their service. A slightly more expensive price is justified by their dedication to providing a superior service. They have a 30-day risk free trial, so give them a try!

Visit Website or Call: 1 (855) 436-2405

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  • Package Pricing

FrontPoint Security Package Pricing

Details on FrontPoint Security's home security system packages and corresponding pricing

The cost of FrontPoint Security is one of the main reasons they are a top ranked home security company. Unlike many other security companies, FrontPoint pricing is openly available to potential customers; and best of all there are no hidden charges! If you want a company that is open and honest about price – and doesn’t overcharge you – then FrontPoint is the way to go.

Monitoring Packages

It’s always great to have choices, especially when it comes topricing. FrontPoint Security offers three distinct and affordable monthly monitoring options. Each option already includes 100% Cellular Monitoring at no additional charge. Take a look at the comparison chart below to compare all three of FrontPoint’s monthly monitoring plans.

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Protection Monitoring
Interactive Monitoring
Ultimate Monitoring
Most AffordableBest ValueUltimate Security
24×7 Monitoring24×7 Monitoring24×7 Monitoring
100% Cellular100% Cellular100% Cellular
Life SafetyLife SafetyLife Safety
Remote Access/AlertsRemote Access/Alerts
Light ControlLight Control
Crash & SmashCrash & Smash
Geo ServicesGeo Services
Home Automation
Wireless Video
Sign UpSign UpSign Up
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

FrontPoint also offers online/remote access, wireless video and home automation as part of its monthly plans. The Interactive Monitoring plan is the most popular and considered the best value. It also includes FrontPoint’s Patented Smash & Crash feature preventing burglars from tampering with your system. FrontPoint offers the most features and the best service for the best monthly price.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (855) 436-2405

Purchasing security equipment is the first step to getting a security system from FrontPoint. So what are you waiting for? You can choose one of the three packages listed below or completely customize your security system by calling a FrontPoint Security Consultant(recommended). FrontPoint offers a range of devices to fit any home and offers huge discounts on the up-front cost of equipment.

Standard Package
Enhanced Package
Light Package
1 Control Panel1 Control Panel1 Control Panel
2 Door/Window Sensors2 Door/Window Sensors2 Door/Window Sensors
1 Motion Sensor1 Motion Sensor1 Motion Sensor
1 Keychain Remote1 Keychain Remote1 Keychain Remote
1 Smoke/Heat Sensor
2 Wireless Light Control
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
* Pricing may vary. Please visit their website to see the most up-to-date pricing

The prices above are based on signing a three year monitoring agreement with FrontPoint and include a $300 instant discount on equipment when doing so. These packages can also be used as a starting point for your security system set up as FrontPoint offers an array of equipment including:

  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Recessed Door Sensors (hidden in door frame)
  • Motion Sensors
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Flood/Water Sensors
  • Smoke/Heat Detectors
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Keychain Remotes
  • Panic Pendant
  • TouchPad Additional Keypad
  • TouchScreen Keypad

Another great thing about FrontPoint and wireless home security is the ability to add devices later on. Any of the above devices can be added to your security system at any time. Want to get that wireless camera but can’t afford it right now? No problem. Contact FrontPoint at any point in the future and simply order your new device.

Visit Website or Call: 1 (855) 436-2405

The Latest Coupons & Current Promotions for FrontPoint Security

Save a little more by taking advantage of some current coupons and promotions!

Our team is constantly looking for additional ways to help you save when buying a FrontPoint Security system. We search the web for FrontPoint Security coupons and discount codes. Take advantage of these additional ways to save and be sure to read our tips for saving money below.

Free Smoke & Heat Sensor

Get a FREE smoke and heat sensor when you get a home security system from FrontPoint Security. Every system comes with a 30-day 100% risk free trial. You can return it for any reason and for a complete refund.

Call To Redeem: 1 (855) 436-2405


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Free OVERNIGHT Shipping

For a limited time only, get FREE OVERNIGHT shipping so you can have your FrontPoint Security system installed even faster! Every system comes with a 30-day 100% risk free trial. You can return it for any reason and for a complete refund.

Call To Redeem: 1 (855) 436-2405

Must Call

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Save $300 on Equipment

Save $300 on equipment when you qualify and sign a 3 year agreement with FrontPoint Security. You still get a 30-dayrisk free trial and can return it for a full refund. Most people keep the same security system company for years, so take advantage of the savings.

Call To Redeem: 1 (855) 436-2405

Must Call

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Money Saving Tips When Buying a FrontPoint Security System

Here are some helpful strategies to get the best deal on a home security system from FrontPoint Security.

(Video) How to Find the Best Security System Discounts

Coupons and discount codes will only take you so far when buying a FrontPoint Security system. The best way to get a great deal is to know how to approach FrontPoint as a consumer. Knowing what questions to ask and how to negotiate will undoubtedly uncover the best deal.

Read our expert’s tips for finding the best deal with FrontPoint Security:

Always Get Quotes From Multiple Companies to Compare

Our experts always recommend getting quotes from multiple companies including FrontPoint Security. Getting instant quotes from a couple companies will give you the upper hand when negotiating the best deal with FrontPoint Security. If they know that you’re an educated consumer, they’ll be more likely to make concessions and offer you additional savings.

After you have quotes from several companies, call FrontPoint Security and tell them that you’ve shopped around for the best price. Inform them that you’ve received quotes from their competitors and you’re looking for the best price. Ask them directly if there is anything they can do to lower the price or throw something in to sweeten the deal. Most of the time, they’ll work with you to earn your business.

Like most home security system companies, FrontPoint Security usually has current promotions and special offers that are not advertised on the web. These promotions are often where you’ll find the best opportunities to save. They change all the time and are often given to the sales staff as an additional sales tactic.

To learn about FrontPoint Security’s current promotions and special offers, you have to call them directly. Simply ask the sales person to tell you about any current or upcoming promotions that could help you save. You have to be blunt and tell them that you’re only interested in making the deal if there is some way to find additional savings. If you ask for a good deal, you’ll usuallyget one.

(Video) SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint | DIY Security Duel

Ask If They'll Accept or Match Competitor Coupons

It may be easier to find discount and coupons from FrontPoint Security’s competitors. You should already have instant quotes to compare from each company, which allows you to compare the opportunities to save. When you find a coupon or offer that a competitor has, you can give FrontPoint Security a call to ask if they’ll match the competitor’s offer.

They don’t want to see you choose a competitor’s home security system. While they may not be able to match the competitor’s offer exactly, they’ll try to find a way to help you save while earning your business.

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