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It’s hard to find a more consistently well-liked security system than Frontpoint. It works well, integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant, and lets users save money by offering DIY installation. Whether you live in a mansion or a studio apartment, Frontpoint lets you customize your home’s security, but how much harm will it do to your wallet? Here, we’re breaking down all of Frontpoint’s pricing, from the equipment itself to the monitoring costs and everything in between. But note that currently, Frontpoint is offering a free doorbell camera and free shipping, so if you’re going to buy, now is the time.

How Much Do Frontpoint’s Packages Cost?

If you buy a package from Frontpoint, the cost ranges from about $325 all the way up to $600. And the good news is you don’t have to pay upfront. You can pay in six or 12 monthly installments, or, you can get interest-bearing financing with Bread, payable in 36 months (three years).

ComponentPrice of componentPrice of component with 25% discountThe SafehouseThe BunkerThe Fortress
Frontpoint hub and keypad$304.98$228.74111
Door and window sensor$32.99$24.74236
Motion sensor$64.99$48.74112
Yard sign$0.00$0.00111
Door decal$0.00111
Window decal$0.00$0.00333
Door stickers$0.00$0.00111
Indoor camera$99.99$74.99011
Smoke and heat sensor$64.99$48.74011
Doorbell camera$0.00$0.00111
Total monthly cost with 25% discountn/an/a$129.00$475.44$598.41
Total monthly cost with 25% discount and 36-month financing through Breadn/an/a$4.16$15.34$19.31

However, you can also buy Frontpoint’s equipment individually to really customize it to your needs.

Frontpoint’s Equipment Prices

Through Frontpoint’s Build Your Own System offer, you can purchase a kit that includes a hub, keypad, and any other components you want from Frontpoint’s catalog. Better still, you can currently buy this equipment at 25-percent off of the retail price.

Carbon monoxide sensor$67.49
Door stickers$2.99
Door/ window sensor$24.74
Doorbell camera$142.49
Extra keypad$41.24
Flood sensor$33.74
Garage door tilt sensor$33.74
Glass break sensor$56.24
Indoor camera$74.99
Keychain remote$23.99
Motion sensor$48.74
Outdoor camera$149.99
Outdoor smart plug$28.49
Panic pendant$29.99
Premium indoor camera$149.99
Smart door lock$134.99
Smart thermostat$149.99
Smoke and heat sensor$48.74
Window decals (set of 3)$2.99
Wireless light control$37.49
Yard sign$2.99

This is where you can get creative. Need a security system for a small apartment? You might be able to get away with having only a motion and entry sensor for a total cost of about $65. Or, if you want to pack on cameras, Frontpoint’s prices are actually at or below market averages. A Frontpoint indoor camera, for instance, costs just $74.99, while a Blue by ADT indoor camera runs for more than twice that, $199. As you can see, even though Frontpoint is one of the better-known security companies, their equipment pricing is pretty reasonable. That’s true whether you’re looking for glass break sensors or outdoor cameras. Plus, with financing through Bread, you don’t have to have the money up front; rather, you can pay in six,12, or 36 monthly installments.

FYI: Can’t afford Frontpoint upfront? One of your options is to finance your equipment through Bread.

Some more good news? Frontpoint’s prices are as low as they’ve been in years, and the company even issued a price-lock guarantee last November. Even better, the company no longer does credit checks and is now open to renters, making Frontpoint available to more customers than ever before.

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Monthly Fees with Frontpoint

Okay, so you’ve picked out your Frontpoint equipment. Now, how much is this going to cost you monthly?

Frontpoint Home Security System Cost & Pricing in 2023 (4)

Frontpoint’s pricing is pretty straightforward, as there is only one plan available: Ultimate Monitoring for $49.99 a month. That means all Frontpoint customers will get 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup, which will make sure the system stays on in a blackout. On top of that, all customers will get access to live stream footage, the Frontpoint mobile app, and smart home automation features. These are all features we consider essential in home security.

Equipment Fees Breakdown for Frontpoint

Plan NameUltimate Monitoring
Price$49.99 per month
24/7 Professional MonitoringYes
100% Wireless & CellularYes
Automated System CheckYes
Expandable and PortableYes
Unique User CodesYes
Crash and Smash ProtectionYes
Geo-location ServicesYes
Mobile Alert & Notifications via Email and TextYes
Remote Access and ControlYes
Sensor HistoryYes
Live Video StreamingYes
Video and Image HistoryYes
Motion Triggered AlertsYes
Night Vision EnabledYes
Light ControlYes
Smart Lock ControlYes

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Monitoring plan is monthly, so you won’t need to make a long-term commitment, another recent update as of this year. You can’t really do much better than absolutely no cancellation fees! Do you have more questions about Frontpoint’s fees or possibly other things? If so, check out our Frontpoint FAQ page to get your questions answered.

Frontpoint Home Security System Cost & Pricing in 2023 (5)

Frontpoint’s Pricing vs. The Competition

Frontpoint isn’t on an island by itself; these days, there are dozens of smart home security companies to consider, so how does Frontpoint compare? When matched with other traditional security companies, Frontpoint’s costs are very reasonable, especially for its equipment. We’ve seen outdoor cameras sold for $400, entry sensors sold for $50 each, and video doorbells sold for around $250, so they’re really under the rest of the market when it comes to the devices themselves. While the monthly prices are a bit high compared to some recent disruptors like Ring Alarm (see our Ring Alarm vs Frontpoint comparison page) and SimpliSafe, they are certainly not the highest we’ve seen, which is about $60 per month. Plus, Frontpoint is one of the few companies to finance, making it a good option for someone who doesn’t have all the money to spend at once. However, we’d like to note that since Frontpoint has only one monthly plan available, you will pay the same amount per month no matter the size of your Frontpoint system. The best way to get the most out of your monthly payment is to go all-in with security cameras and home automation.

Home Automation with Frontpoint

One of the benefits of having a WiFi-connected security system is that it works with other connected devices in your home. As you saw in the equipment section, Frontpoint offers several smart home products that aren’t directly related to security, but work with your security system, like:

  • Yale smart lock: Users will be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely as well as provide entry codes to let people in when they’re not home.
  • Wireless light control: Smart lights have become an increasingly popular IoT product, allowing users to control their lighting remotely. Not only does the wireless light control work with smart bulbs, but it also works with smart appliances, allowing users to control them remotely for the Frontpoint app.
  • Smart bulb: Smart bulbs allow users to automate their lights, either by setting the bulb to schedules or connecting it to other smart home devices. An example would be to have the lights turn off when someone locks the front door, meaning they left the house. Plus, good news for your wallet, LED bulbs reduce energy usage by anywhere from 70 to 90 percent compared to regular old incandescent bulbs.1 Same light, less money and energy used? Sounds good to us!

Did You Know: Yale smart locks are easy to integrate with your Frontpoint security system and add that extra layer of security.

(Video) How to Update Your Frontpoint Panel to 4G Radio

Just how did we automate actions with Frontpoint? Well, we have our front door lock as soon as we arm our system so no one can get inside. At the exact same time, our lights in the dining room go on to make it seem like someone is home, while the upstairs light shut off to save electricity. Not only does this save us from having to run around adjusting the lights all the time, but it also is a simple way to boost our home’s security.

Frontpoint works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, as well as Google Assistant, Google’s version. We could have Alexa arm and disarm our security system, unlock our door, change the thermostat, turn lights on and off, and have the camera record or pan.

Frontpoint Home Security System Cost & Pricing in 2023 (6)

Now, with Google Assistant, things worked a little differently. In order to connect Frontpoint to Google Assistant, we needed to download the action and log in using our Frontpoint username and password. From there, we had Google arm our security system, control lighting, thermostats, and smart locks.

Overall, we were really impressed with how seamlessly Frontpoint added to and integrated with our existing smart home. And as Alexa and Google Assistant are the two most commonly-used voice assistants, we’re not alone. So get used to it, voice assistant usage went up 9.5 percent in 2018 alone, and by 2019, 33.8 percent of the population used a trusted voice assistant.2

Recap: So Is Frontpoint A Good Buy?

Short answer? Yes, Frontpoint is definitely a good buy! Not only are its prices affordable, but the company has really gone out of its way to make it affordable for a larger group of people, due to the lack of credit checks and the financing through Bread. This way, more people can enjoy Frontpoint’s security system and home automation products, while having their homes protected by 24/7 professional monitors. Read our review of Frontpoint to learn more about the system itself.

Frontpoint FAQs

Recently, Frontpoint updated its pricing structure, so people have had a lot of questions.

  • How much does Frontpoint cost per month?

    Now, there is only one Frontpoint plan, the Ultimate plan, that costs $49.99 a month. It includes:

    • 24/7 professional monitoring
    • Cellular backup
    • Notifications
    • Remote control
    • Live streaming
    • Cloud storage
  • Is Frontpoint better than ADT?

    No, Frontpoint is not better than ADT; rather, ADT is better than Frontpoint in terms of its professional installation, integrations with Liftmaster and Kwikset, and higher-rated iOS and Android apps. ADT also has a longer track record and reputation, being the oldest alarm company in the United States.

  • Is Frontpoint better than SimpliSafe?

    No, Frontpoint is not better than SimpliSafe; we rated SimpliSafe as our best home security system overall for its low professional monitoring costs (starting at $14.99 versus $49.99 with Frontpoint), affordable equipment, integrations with August smart locks and Nest thermostats, professional installation option and option to self-monitor and avoid monthly fees. SimpliSafe’s mobile apps are also easier to use than Frontpoint’s apps.

    (Video) Before You Buy a Home Security System... WATCH THIS!

  • Does Frontpoint work without Wi-Fi?

    Frontpoint can work without Wi-Fi, as the hub has a cellular connection included with all systems. It will stay connected with the professional monitoring center even in the event of a power outage.


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